About Us

InterArt Tours is for art lovers who want to be informed and educated without rigid formality – learning in the field, while being entertained. We take pleasure in helping our clients to discover African art. We offer tailor-made tours to individuals or groups to visit both private and public art venues.We will cater to your interests every step of the way to create an itinerary with your input, while we tour you through your chosen gallery, museum or a special art work that you have always wanted to see, or have demystified – something you might have only seen on a printed page, or digital screen. Better still, you might want to ask or know more about the work from the artist themselves. You can do this through InterArt.
We are friendly, being accustomed to the affable and relaxed nature of creative environments, yet balanced with a degree of efficient formality to make sure your journeys are as smooth as possible. At InterArt Tours our objective is simple – to provide an enriching, wholesome, competitively priced arts and cultural experiences that will truly enrich the visitor. The pace is relaxed, as our approach is personal for each individual’s enjoyment.
Our Clientele

Our client base is broad; they include private individuals, businesses and art institutions, society groups to students – from patrons of the arts and major collectors to families and groups of individuals or friends who have planned a trip to remember.It is important for us to get to know our clients and their particular interests.Our private visits are led by top specialists, accompanied by our touring manager and knowledgeable local guides.Our art tours are complimented by other cultural events ranging from daytime or evening receptions and specially designed weekends.

Our Lecturers and Guides

All our specialists possess superb communication skills and knowledge in their subject, balanced with a light approach. They comprise; artists, writers, art lecturers, curators, academics, also those who work in the media.Beyond their academic credentials, their communication and interpersonal skills, knowledgeable, engaging guides can make all the difference to a cultural visit. These are paramount personal characteristics. A passion for their key subject of the contemporary arts is essential to enable them to demonstrate their brilliant teaching and sharing skills – and to carry this across to people of a broad age and diverse background. It is an asset for them to have a general knowledge and cultural awareness of the people and the area. Ergo, our team’s work is of the highest quality and integrity.